Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hello Again I am Still Alive

I know that it has been a very long time since I posted here or on any of my blogs for that matter. I have been keeping busy and I try not to let too much time slip away from me. That means limiting my time on the computer because it seems to suck time like nothing else.

I have been working on organizing my home and my life and I am getting to the point where things are looking pretty good.

I started a dance don't laugh it is a Pole dancing for fitness class. It is so much more fun than the gym! I love going and can't wait for class and even got my own pole and the hubby installed it so I can practice on off days. It is really hard work but I am toning up all over and I have lost some weight but I must be gaining a ton of muscle because I have gone down about 3 sizes and my waist has shrunk a little over three inches. I had to go buy some new clothes and then today not 2 weeks later I had to exchange all the ones I have not worn for smaller sizes.

I have been pretty focused on getting my house and health in order. It is nice to see all my tops say medium or small depending on if I get them from the women's or juniors department and to fit well in a size 7 pair of jeans. I only have the juniors size jeans here so I am not sure what size would fit in women's.

Yea I am just feeling good more to come the hubby is bugging me to make him some lunch so I must go.

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