Saturday, February 25, 2012

Getting Organized

Today I did a long overdue check up on my organizational skills. The results were not good at all but there is hope for me yet. After taking a long look to see how the three businesses were performing I gave up and decided to start keeping better records.

The first thing I will be doing is using one bank account to keep track of all expenses and earnings. This means all the money collected will go right into that account and no more spending the cash as it comes in. Then I will write down all of my business expenses at the end of each day. I will not spend more than I have in that account even if Avon has a great deal on some of my favorite products.

The second thing on my list is to organize my schedule to make room for Scentsy parties. After talking to my mom and getting a definite workout schedule and posting that on the calender for the next two months I have two months of party slots. I work out every Monday and Wednesday then alternate Thursdays and Fridays to fit my moms schedule. So parties will be every Tuesday evening and Saturday afternoon and every Thursdays and Fridays we are not at the gym.

The third thing is to schedule times when I can meet with potential recruits and the fourth is to establish delivery days and times. There are a lot of other things that need to be done like finding a great method of follow up with both customers and recruits but I think if I start with redesigning my schedule it will help me assign time to those tasks.

Once my schedule is under control I will try to get to the gym more than three days but for now it is going to have to do. The plan would be when possible to walk the dog, get on my elliptical or do a workout video. So I won't loose the 8 pounds a month I wanted to loose but a pound a week is not bad and I am sure I can do that with three gym days and a good diet.

There is a lot more for me to think about but for now I am going to start small and organize my schedule bit by bit until my week days are all blocked off into sections for work, personal stuff and sleep. I need to learn to be somewhat flexible but I also have to stop this dropping everything to meet with a potential recruit. Learning how to balance my schedule is tough but I think it will play a huge part in my success or failure so it must be done.

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