Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Up Early

Well I have been getting up at 6:30 all week which is actually about an hour later. Now that I have the elliptical upstairs I can work out while my husband is playing video games instead of having to get up earlier and to have most of my workout done before he gets home. It is not as cool to watch my DVD's on my computer instead of the big tv but that is not having to get up so early is a fair trade. We will get a tv for that room eventually but I am not in a rush.

I have not taken my measurements yet to track the inches I have lost but I was down another half a pound this morning. I still weight about every other day but I try not to take stock in the numbers until I am at that number or less consistently. So if I weight 151.5 one day and the next day I weight 151 then the next time I weight 151.5 then I stick with the higher number until it I am sure. It sure is hard for me to break the disappointment I get when I don't loose or put a pound back on. I have noticed that it can just vary maybe what I ate made me retain water and one day I will weight 2 pounds more than the next so I have to be careful about taking every pound so seriously or I will go insane
 I have been up every morning since Saturday on the elliptical for an hour. Well Saturday for 80 minutes and Sunday for 40 but one hour Monday and Tuesday and again today. I am learning how to use it but it was worth the expense I feel like I am getting a much better workout and it still doesn't make my bad leg hurt other than sore muscles that have not been used.

One final note is that I am working the rest of this week and next week just about full time and then I should get two extra days off which makes working for my step-dad much more tolerable. For some reason he thinks that he has to be especially mean to me because I am his step daughter. I was grown and married for years before he came into my life. I try to treat him like family and it is not a problem except when I am working for him. I worked this job for two years before I was fed up with it the first time. It really isn't the job I would love to do that job for the rest of my life for a good boss. There are days he is fine and then he is super mean and throws fits about things I didn't know I was supposed to do. Oh well I think it will be easier when I am down to just three days a week.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Two More Weeks

Had breakfast with my mom today and they talked to Shellie the lady who I am filling in for at the Shop. She is coming back in two weeks for two days a week. I am so glad working for family that much is very taxing on your relationships. Don't get me wrong I am grateful for the pay and I love my mom  and I even love the job but my step-dad is my boss and he is not very nice. That leaves me with at least four days off and a lot more time to do things like clean the house and work on gardening and sewing projects and last but not least time to spend blogging.

I worked out for 45 minutes in the morning and another 40 in the evening yesterday. I am still down just 13 pounds from my original weight but that is okay because I have not been working out much. I actually can't wait to get back on my Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer today. I have been having computer issues so it took me a while to connect to the net when all I wanted to do was check my mail and facebook and write a blog post. Anyway after over 80 minutes on the elliptical yesterday I am kinda sore but the good kind of sore where you know that you got results from your workout. I actually enjoyed doing it too. It comes with a heart-rate monitor strap that works very well unlike the sensors on the front of the machine. The programs are rough for someone who is not in good shape but they really get the heart rate up there and they work a lot of muscles. My arms are very sore as I did the Hills program 2 times and the cardio program once and I did the rest on manual. I don't see them getting too easy anytime soon and that is what I was looking for a low impact way to get my heart rate up into a good zone. I had so much trouble with my hip after even just jogging in spurts on the treadmill I sometimes couldn't get on for a few days because of the pain and I mean pain not sore. I have fours screws and a big plate in one leg. I think it will be great to help me get back more range of motion too. I am really happy with it. It was well worth the money and it has a 2 year warranty. I wouldn't say if is gym quality but it is so much closer than the other models in this price range.

So I suppose that is enough about my elliptical today I am going to try to keep this site updated at least on the weekends until I get some more time off because I am back on track with better eating not great anymore but still better and working out consistently. For now I can't completely get over my weighing obsession but I am going to try to weight less and just work hard. I am still going to be happy about the actual loss of pounds but I think I am going to get the old measuring tape out and start measuring inches as well so if I gain pound but have lost some in the inches department I will know that I am still on track and just gaining muscle. I don't know that I will ever be able to get over feeling like pounds are so important but at least if I can find a more acurate way to measure my progress I will feel like I have accomplished something with my work. Jeff King I really want to thank you for all your encouragement. It is rough but I am going to try to eat reasonably but not be on a restrictive diet and work out and measure my weight loss in inches instead of pounds. I don't know why it is so hard to shake the though that you mainly measure weight loss in pounds. Maybe it is because every chart that measures your health uses pounds. Like the BMI that said I was obese until I hit 155 so I was obese at 165 now that I am 153 I am supposedly at risk for health issues from being overweight.

On that note I am finally seeing a much bigger difference in my clothing. A lot of it is loose in the legs, butt. hips and arms. I seem to really hold the weight in my waist so that has been the problem in going down a size. I am not really sure how to fix this problem but I am loosing there just a lot slower than everywhere else. I am guessing that is why it took me so long to really notice the loss because I usually measure it by my pants size. Other people noticed before i really did that my pants were baggy. The last two or three pounds seem to come off only in the butt and hips because I really noticed them. Oh well hopefully it will even out soon.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

So much to say but so little time.

My awesome husband finished putting together my Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer last night and today I got to use it. I have earned enough money that we paid cash for it. It is AWESOME. I got a much better workout and it doesn't hurt the leg that has a bunch of hardware. I am going to be sore from the resistance levels in the HILLS program but the good kind of sore. I have to walk fast for 90+ minutes to get that kind of workout on my treadmill as I can't take the impact from the running since breaking my hip. I am so happy with it to top that off it is super quiet. I can reduce my workout time while I am working full time and still get a great workout by increasing the incline and resistance.

I am super excited about it because it will help me keep on track and we put it upstairs so I can work out while dh is playing video games. Today I watched an episode of Roswell on my computer but we are going to look at second television to put up there. Nothing fancy just something bigger than my laptop monitor that will have better sound quality. What was really amazing is that I can not usually get my laptop loud enough to hear over my treadmill but it was no problem with the elliptical.

Today was also sewing day and I made progress on another skirt and I think I will switch to tops for now I have a few patterns I want to try. I love the way they look and hope to make them to fit. I don't want to make too many right now because they look like they will be harder to take in than the skirts. I am still loosing weight. I am down 13 pounds now so it is not a big change but the good thing is I am not gaining weight. I have learned not to even bother getting on my period. It makes me freak out and in a week I have miraculously lost two pounds that I thought I gained and sometimes a little more. So I am also going to try weight at the same time a few times a week instead of everyday. Then if I can relax a little more I will try one set day each week to weight but I will have a hard time getting there. I have been less obsessive now that I have a lot less time on my hands.

I only have about 2-4 weeks of working 5 days a week so I will be able to update more often. I have read more books too so if you follow my other blog I listened to 3 more books while working on mass mailings at work and doing housework. I will not be posting reviews until I am down to three or less days at the Shop. Then I will be able to post at least 2x a week on each of my blogs. I am very grateful for the pay but I really want my job whatever it is to be a part time job as long as my husband has work I can just work part time and I like it that way.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Update on My Crazy Life

I have been sewing a lot the last two days. My mother-in-law has been coming over on Saturdays to teach me and I had to skip last week because of my cold and my mom being in the hospital. So yesterday we started a new skirt. I wanted to do a long one with an elastic waist band. Zippers are were not easy for me. So here are some pictures of the two skirts I have completed and one that still needs the waistband and bottom hem. The one with red roses is completed and so is the long one. The one with pink bows still needs a little work.
I have really enjoyed this and I plan to work on some other things when I go back to part time work. Right now I barely have time for sewing on the weekend. I have to clean later and my husband has done a lot of the laundry but I am so far behind on things I feel rather frustrated. I am not worrying so much about weigh loss right now as I need to adjust to being so busy. Since it is temporary I am just going to do what I can for now.

I was excited about the pay for the few weeks of full time work but now I can't wait until Shellie wants to come back to work. I am all for part time with extra days off to get house work done and some of my hobbies. Both of my blogs have suffered because I can't get on at work and when I get home my husband has a video game he plays online right now and I can't use the internet either. I would type a post in word but they always end up all jumbled up when I try to past them or upload them.

I am hoping to be on top of things soon. I plan to grow my own garden this year again but I want it bigger and I will have a few things I can grow in large pots on the porch so I am going to be really busy and have lots of updates once I am done working 40 or more hours a week for the automotive shop. Not that I hate the job I would just prefer part time.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Working Working and Working Some More

I am back to work and I got a bad cold and my mom had surgery. I have been really busy I will be back blogging here soon and my other blog will suffer more. I have not weighed in a few days or worked out since I couldn't breath out of my nose. I should be back on track by the end of this week. I have not even finished my skirt that is almost done because I have been so busy. I even got a few hours of overtime in last week.