Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Got a Job

Well I think pretty sure I did. It is part time plus a floating position not bad pay and part of it is at home. I start training Monday. I don't want to say what it is until I am absolutely sure I have it. I know I am a little paranoid but I don't want to jinx it.

I am pretty relieved that I at should at least have enough income coming in to replace my old job and most of it will be working at home. So no gas money and no need to buy new clothes. No forgetting my lunch and having to eat our or not eat. It also leaves me open to take the on call position too if they don't need me on Wednesdays. That is my only set day to work. The on call position would only be 2-3 days and every other weekend. I would love both jobs so working a lot of hours would be no big deal.

I had an interview today and I just felt sick about it. I didn't want to go to another factory job. I went to college so I wouldn't have to work in a factory again but a job is a job. So I leave myself almost an hour to get travel about 20 minutes and I end up getting lost and stuck by a train and the email said if you are late don't bother showing up. Before I left for this job I wrote emails to the people I interviewed with and could find contact information. I asked them if they could give me tips on how to interview better. The great news is that they were all positive comments and one was just worried that I needed a full time job and would quit after they invested in my training.

Even if I only take this job it should average what I made before and that will make me a heck of a lot less nervous.

Thanks for all the support!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Feeling Anxious

I am feeling very anxious that I don't have a job yet. We finally found a housing option that we would love but I would need to have a job first. We found a place that we can build a house for a good price on our own lot. We really like the idea and we loved the model homes.

I have put more resumes out there than I can count. I have had a few interviews and I am really hoping and praying that I will have a job by December. I had an interview on Thursday for a job I really want. I have a lunch meeting with my mentor and first boss as a social worker. I also believe I have an interview on Tuesday for a factory job if they don't cancel.

I wish that not having a job was the only thing making me feel uneasy but I don't think that is it. I really don't want to take just any job such as a factory job. The job market here is not great so I can't just sit back and wait for my perfect job. I can't stop looking just because I interviewed for one that seems perfect. We need to keep saving money and that means I need to work. I think that I get really afraid that the fist job I am going to get is not going to be the one I want at all.

I am also trying to get my eating back on track and add some other work out to my evening walks with the dog and hubby. My elliptical is still making a clunking noise and we need to call sometime when they are open and my hubby is up because I can't do what they are asking me to do.

I love food that took time to prepare but I usually don't have time and I hate the mess. We ate well tonight: Miso veggies, noodle soup, Sesame Balsamic Chicken and green tea. I have good meals planned for tomorrow as well. Left over noodle soup and Lime chicken.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Job Scams

As I sit here today after a full 6 hours of searching for a job I am once again outraged by the evil people out there taking advantage of people when they are down on their luck. What exactly do they thing they are going to get from someone who doesn't have a job. It looks like they try to get all of your info and steal your identity or maybe it is you last $200 dollars. Whatever it is they are everywhere.

The worst part is they look like any other job ad most of the time. The scamming business must be booming because they even buy ads on Monster.com and Careerbuilder. The best way to tell if it is a scam is if it seems too good to be true. They are wising up to that and changing their format to include a more reasonable rate of pay.

The thing I really hate is there have been several companies that have made me fill out these long and annoying applications and then they want me to pay for their services. I do have some time on my hands now but I don't want to pay to find a job. If I find a job where I have to pay for uniforms of something that is fine but I am not shelling out any cash to get a job.

Don't these people have a heart, how can they do this crap to people and live with themselves?

If you are looking for employment in this slow economy and you are afraid an offer might be a scam your best bet is to run in the opposite direction. If you want to check it out limit the amount of personal information you give them and never give them money.

If you think you would be good at sales there are many companies that offer you that opportunity and they are legitimate. Just be careful as you enter the job searching world.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Filed For Unemployment

Well I never did end up quitting my job they asked me to come back and then closed the doors after about a month. I helped them pack and move and now I am done. I have had a few interviews and some side work on my days off. This is the first week I have had to catch up on all my errands and some house work. I am sending out resumes for anything that looks decent. I want something part time in my field or something that keeps me really busy, preferably active.

I could use some ideas on where to apply for jobs that would keep me physically active (Keep in mind I am a five foot woman so no moving furniture or lifting 100 lbs over my head) and that uses my Social Work degree. I really wish I could find a job that was both of those but I don't see it happening.

Well if anyone still reads this blog after my long absence I would like to say I am going to attempt to update the blog several times a week. I am going to talk about my progress in the job search or creating my own business if I must. I am have been working out a lot more and eating a lot less but I am only making headway on the pounds I gained back since last time I talked about my weight. I am going to talk more about healthy lifestyle and the struggles I am having maintaining one.

I am not sure what else I will be writing about in the near future but I have lots to say so I am sure I can think of something.