Thursday, February 4, 2016

Strippers and Pole Dancing

Warning this post is very likely to offend some people so read at your own risk!

I have not posted here in some time and my entire world view has changed since then. So I am using this site to kind of document some of the changes how I see the world. So I thought I would start with one that is very relevant to me.

Pole Dancing VS Stripping is there a difference? 

Pole Dancing is what you make of it and it can be anything from acrobatic to ballerina style to hard hitting rock n roll style to super sexy or even down and dirty. So in my opinion the only difference is how you see your pole dancing.

So  pole dance can be fitness oriented and it can be beyond sexy just like a stripper. The main difference is that pole dance is a job for some people and a hobby for others.

Well and there is the thing about the clothes most hobby pole dancers wear at least enough to cover the bits that society says should be covered. Strippers remove those bits for others entertainment.

My Shift in Thinking

Okay so I have gone from being one of those pole dancers that felt like strippers were evil and wanting to distance myself from them entirely to having mad respect for them. I no longer have any desire to distance myself from strippers or the sexy side of pole. It has not been a quick and easy transition thought I have had to disregard a lot of societal and religious conditioning.

So I know I am going to lose friends and followers once I am public with this but my shift started when I started to question my "faith" or in other words my religion. I am not anti-religious but also I started to find that not only was it not a source of comfort for me it was a great source of conflict in my life. So I decided to stop letting religion define me and start thinking for myself and creating a life that I wanted to live regardless of the possibility of being branded a sinner.

I started looking at people as just that people and I found that through pole dance I met some of the most amazing and positive people who would mostly be branded as sinners by my religion. I can't reconcile that with what I know about them. So this is a super long story and I don't want to bore you with all the details in this post.

I started thinking about strippers and about the fact that they probably make more money than a lot of us. I started thinking that they are way braver than I am because I would be way too embarrassed to do what they do. I also started thinking why the hell are they branded as evil when there are plenty of men paying to see them. Why is it that women are always at fault. Which takes me back to how religion generally treats girls as the little temptresses that have to be basically responsible for not causing a man to sin....Okay still can't go there with out getting a little angry but wouldn't it be better to teach young men to respect woman.

I started to think that women should be able to wear whatever they want or take whatever job they want and not be persecuted. I don't have the confidence to be a stripper but I have begun to take it as a compliment when people call me a stripper instead of an insult. I mean it is hard enough to learn the crazy pole tricks we learn then to do it in front of people while taking you clothes off...That is some mad skill.

So I am done judging people by my X-religions standards! I believe that any judging should be reserved for those that truly deserve it like murderers and people who abuse children.