Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Get a Pole Dancers Body at Home

If you have been keeping up with my posts these days you know that I am progressing along with my weigh loss goals by going to pole dancing class as well as getting additional training at home from In only 4 months I lost 5 sizes and 20 pounds and am still loosing. My body is changing shape dramatically and I owe it all to this amazing sport.

Pole dancers come in all shapes and sizes but if you are training hard and eating healthy you will start to see the  long lean muscles you have dreamed of. A pole dancer's body is not easy to develop but it is possible. I am seeing results very quickly but I am also on the pole a minimum of 4 days a week and I spend just as much time in other forms of training such as other types of dance classes, stretching and flexibility training, several types of cardio exercises as well as strength training.

After training hard these amazing muscles are popping out  in my arms and my shoulders as well as my legs and butt. The definition is amazing yet not too bulky...who knew you could have muscle tone in your forearms.  Most of the fat I have left is in my tummy but I when I work out I can feel the muscle that I will soon be able to see. The best part is that pole dancing is so fun you won't even feel like you are working out. Then the drive to get better makes all the non-pole training so worth it when you get to the pole and you can do something new on the first try.

So if you are looking to try pole dancing visit this article on my pole blog for more information about getting the pole dancers body at home.

Have You Got Your Pole On today

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Do you ever just feel fat?

Yesterday I felt fat all day the only thing I can think of is maybe I was bloated or something but I looked in the mirror and didn't look fat so I tried to shake that feeling. I hope I am not developing some sort of disorder I could stand to loose a little more fat in my tummy but it is that much.

So I kept telling myself I know I am not fat this is just my mind playing tricks on me and I waited until this morning to get on the scale. It has been a good week and a half to two weeks since I did this and to my surprise I was down two more pounds. I weight 125 now so there is no way I am fat.

I don't look fat in the mirror and I don't weigh too much so what is the deal. I got to thinking that maybe it was more the loose skin I have in my tummy that just feels odd. I did hold a large percentage of my weight in my stomach. So when I am standing or lying flat I look good when I sit or even slouch I can feel the rolls of skin and the fat that is taking longer to leave.

So I decided to use my Itworks wrap if nothing else it leaves my skin silky smooth but who knows maybe it will work a lot better now that I have lost a lot of the fat on my own. I am not going to get my hopes up that it is a miracle cure because they didn't do much good fro me 20 pounds ago other than make my skin feel nice. They softened and tightened my skin but they did not make me loose much in the way of inches like they claim.

I am not going to let myself fall into the trap of always feeling fat so I have to give myself some positive self talk. I work hard each day to make sure that I am not fat I eat healthy most days and I work out enough that one bad day won't kill me. I get an average of 10-14 hours a week of quality exercise in and all of my friends and family are giving me huge compliments and asking me what I am doing. So I am not going to go there I will get that flat tummy in time. As far as I am concerned as long as I stick to this training schedule and eat right it will come I just need to be patient and that is what the professionals are saying as well.

From what I have read people that carry almost all of their excess weight in their midsection are likely to have a hard time loosing it there. I have always struggled with this. I have lost over 40 pounds now and I swear the first 20 all came from my legs and arms...okay maybe the first 15.

I will tell you one thing that I can not stress enough building muscle is the key. Yes you need cardio but I truly believe that a highly toned body burns fat easily. It took me about a year to get the first 20 pounds off and just over 4 months to get the last twenty.I even look better than I did the last time I was thin. My legs and arms are truly strong.

Well enough of my open diary today if you are struggling with your weight I hope I can give you some encouragement. Let me know and I will try to help any way I can.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

How I am making a little extra cash at home

Here is a little list of the sites I am using to make a little extra money at home.

Quick List of Recommendations in this post 
EasyHits4U: I don't make much here I use it to promote the other three sites I am going to tell you about and it is free unless you want to upgrade. You can earn ad credits by looking at other ads.

Postloop: This site is fun and easy once you get through the sign up process. You make money for posting on blogs and forums. You get paid for all the work you do and I have cashed out twice to make sure it works. They pay very quickly and it is rather easy to earn. The more you work the more you earn. You can also earn more per post by getting good ratings. You can also earn commission on referrals.

Clixsense: This is a paid to click site with other many ways to earn. You can click on ads, play the game to win money, earn commission on referrals, do small tasks and fill out offers. Then if you want you can cash out or use your money to promote other sites.

PTCBox: This one is my absolute favorite paid to click site. I upgraded my way to ten cents a click and a much better referral commission but you don't have to upgrade at all. I have earned 45 dollars here in just two months and each day the commissions are growing. I did not have my upgrades the first month so I am sure it would have been more had I done the full upgrade earlier. 

Wealthy Affiliates- This site has yet to earn me a dime but the training is highly valuable and the commission structure for referrals is unbelievable. I think I would be earning already if there was not so much other stuff going on in my life. The reason I am not earning is I need to set aside more time to focus on this and learn the technical stuff that keeps tripping my progress up. Training in affiliate marketing is probably the most valuable thing you can learn these days so now that I have some of the other sites moving along with less effort I will be learning how to make an income with this site.

It takes a little time but once you start getting the referrals you are going to earn commissions on everything your referrals do. What I really like about this type of business is that you don't have to market it to your friends and family like you do with MLM's. You are not really selling the product to people who don't want it you are selling to people who are looking to buy it or use it. Once you build your down line will make money while you sleep and that is very appealing to me. I don't want you to think you are going to make a fortune doing any of this and even if could it would take a lot of time and effort. A few months of dedicated marketing and you can make a good side income. If you pick a good place to start in Affiliate marketing you could potentially replace an income from a job but I would not count on it until you start seeing the cold hard cash.

 I love all of these places and I highly recommend them all.  The only one that costs money is Wealthy Affiliates and you get hosting and unlimited training after your free 10 day trial. Work at home jobs are typically absolute scams or time wasters and I had almost lost hope that anything online could make you any money. I am signed up for at least 50 sites for extra income and these are the ones I have found to be worth my time and energy. There are a few others but I will save them for another post.

If you want to learn more about making extra cash from home visit my other blog here