Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Crazy Life

This is just going to be a bit of rambling because I have had an almost unbearable week. I have had some victories but it is hard to focus on them with everything that has happened to me. The first big thing has something to do with the Herbalife business that I am starting. I want to say that it is not Herbalife that I have a problem with it is the people/company I came in with. Then there is the duplex that was broken into and all the copper pipes stolen plus a broken window.

Now in the midst of this stuff I started my new diet plan. I am on the Herbalife quick start plan and I love it. The shakes are amazing and I eat 4-5 times a day just replace two meals with shakes. I am still working that out because I need to get some protein in with my snacks. I have been having a lot of salads and sometimes I save the last snack for the evening and have home made ice cream but I have been eating just a very small portion of it. I need to figure out the calories in each batch but I am still better off than much of the grocery store ice cream. It has a lot less sugar in it and none of the extra stuff you can't pronounce.

I started at 150 on Sunday and have worked out everyday since (5 days) and I am now at 148 so that is not too shabby for less than a week. I have to work out the diet plan a bit but the work outs I am feeling good about. I have been pushing myself and on the days I feel like I can't do it I just keep doing it even if it isn't as fast as yesterday.

I started off really motivated but right today I am feeling like giving up because I am so irritated with life. I am not going to give up! I just can't!

 So you want to know what else happened well I went to and signed up for an online business. They were very secretive about their product and their methods. They are a group of people selling Herbalife products in a different way and it is a very high pressure and deceptive way. I am not going to go into details because I already feel like a huge idiot for letting them dupe me out of money and tons of time before I could even start selling the product. If I had not stood my ground it could have been worse. I have been fighting to get some of my money back and it is not working. I have almost 600 dollars into it and I have one quick start package which would have cost me 110 dollars had I signed up locally. That doesn't count the phone minutes and the 20-30 hours of my time on phone calls and training that did not teach me much about the products.

So I canceled everything I could and filed the BBB reports that I could and I called Herbalife and asked if I could just be a regular distributor. I found a nutrition club with the help of some great friends and I was very impressed with the way they do business. It was not high pressure and they were very transparent about the costs. I was able to taste some very good shake recipes and I am excited to sell the products. I just can't get the bad taste out of my mouth with the experience I have been having. I have been fighting for hours each day with the many different companies that I have signed up for because the training said I HAD to have this and that and NONE of it is required to sell the product.

The good this week is that the products I got from Herbalife are working very well for me I am so excited. I have a lot more physical energy already. I didn't get my product until Tuesday but I had some samples that I used to try to get through the earlier days. I love the shakes they are delicious and I was really scared they would not be. I would like to loose two pounds a week but I have to overcome my temptation to eat when I get stressed out or to just sit and pout about the money I couldn't afford to loose.

I just need to find the fighter in me and push through all of this and just get it done.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Herbalife for Weightloss

Trial Period Starting Soon

My starter package from Herbalife is in the mail and I am hoping it will get here today. I would like to start the program tomorrow. The program doesn't seem that hard as far as I can tell there are many options for the shakes and the snacks. I will be getting a lot of veggies from the farm I am working on and I can use them as snacks.

To be more clear on the weight loss program you are encouraged to take their herbal tablets 3 times a day, and replace two meals a day with shakes. You are also encouraged to have two healthy snacks. I am pretty sure organic fresh picked veggies will be included in that.

The great thing is that according to the label on the website I can use these shakes because they don't have artificial sweeteners in them. I have never been able to do a program like this because the shakes gave me migraines. The best thing is that once I reach my goal weight I can go to one shake a day and continue with the supplements. I have not tried them yet but I may have to get creative on my farm days. I get really hungry when I do physical labor so I am thinking those days might be one shake days at first but I will play it by ear and pack a healthy lunch. If I am famished when I get home then I will have a healthy dinner as well if not I will have a shake.

Soon to be Herbalife Distributor 
I am really motivated to try this program because if I get good results I will be able to share my story with potential clients. So I am going to document my progress here on this blog. I am very excited to try the products and to sell them. They have a line of all natural skin care products I would love to try as well. I am working through my training right now and I hope to be able to share a website with you soon. I will keep you updated and if your are interested in products let me know.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Multilevel Marketing and Me

Okay I am really trying to find a system that works for me. I have tried Avon and Pure Romance and I have not done well. It was rather impossible to maintain an online business with these systems and I don't like doing parties. I don't mind telling friends and family about products I am selling but I don't like pestering them if they decide they don't want them.

I am going to try selling Herbalife products. If nothing else I get a months supply for myself with my training package. I have always wanted to try them so even if I don't do well I get to try a product that I am interested in.   I am determined to figure out how to make money doing something like this. I have not been good at sales in the past but I am going to make an effort to learn how to sell not just hope that this product sells itself.

I have books on marketing and I am going to hit the library for books on good sales techniques. I am going to earn my initial investment back as quickly as I possibly can and then I am going to make a profit. If I hate it then I can quit. I just can't stand the thought of being tied to a desk 40-50 hours a week again. I can handle being at home and working on my time schedule even if I end up putting the same amount of hours in a week. I would like to decide I am tired of work and take a break and spend some time with the dog and the chickens.

My biggest problem with a "regular" job is the time clock. Typically you have to get up at a horrible hour in the morning and start getting ready for work. Then you have to drive to work and stay there 8.5 or more hours. You don't get a paid lunch even if you work while eating you lunch. You definitely can not go play with your dog for 15 minutes in the middle of the day nor can you stop work for the repair man that needs to get in an fix the furnace. I want to be able to go to the grocery store at noon on a Tuesday if I ran out of milk and work until 2 in the morning if I can't sleep.

Maybe it is just asking too much but there has to be something out there that I can do I just don't know what that is yet.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunny Days

Last week was full of sunny days. I have spent a lot of time outside at the farm or at home. I have the plastic baby pool out for the dog and I stick my feet in it and read while watching the dog and the chickens.

I finished two books and am working on reviews for my Dark Novels blog. I am going to work on getting some pictures of my porch garden and the chickens and there coop for the Longing for the Country Life blog today.

I also need to work on some changes to the chicken coop and clean out my vehicles. I am really enjoying my life right now so glad things are the way they are. I am also hoping for the duplex to sell that would make everything perfect. We had a second showing on it Saturday so hopefully sometime soon we will get an offer but who knows.