Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pole Fitness is My Business

Hello there everyone! I have been super busy starting my own business and promoting it. I have had my ups and downs and gone through some spells where I was freaking out for one reason or another. I have started to get the hang of what is working for me and what just adds additional stress.

Because this is my personal blog I thought I would come here today and post an update on my life. In February 2014 I started preparation to open a new business. At the end of January I passed my personal trainer certification exam but I really wanted to teach pole. I tried my hand at teaching some cardio kick classes and found my passion really lies in pole fitness. So I decided to stop trying to do things I was not passionate about and focus on something I was.

I also really wanted to work from home or close to home because I am not much for a long commute especially the 4-6 months a year in Ohio that it can snow. My hubby and I own a duplex that we bought shortly after we were married. It worked well for us to rent half out for a long time then our awesome tenant had to move and we tired moving out and renting to two people then we realized good tenants are hard to find. So we moved back and were using our upstairs basically to store things. So the idea for me was to make it into my studio and offer private or semi private pole fitness sessions. Emphasis on the fitness aspect rather than the dance aspect.

Then as you can imagine loads of well meaning people had many ideas for how to promote my business and what I should do to make money. I was pulling myself in so many directions and trying to get any client in the door I couldn't answer simple questions about my services. I didn't want to say no to anything or anyone because it could be some extra money. Yea... that was not working for me so I narrowed it back down to pole fitness which can include strength and flexibility training.

I love what I do and people who talk to me know it and if it takes time to really grow the business that is okay. I just need to stay focused! I have a new website and am working on a blog for my business so if you have a little time please visit FitGirl and leave your thoughts.