Monday, April 23, 2012

Weight Loss Success

I gave you a taste of what has been going on in my life a few days ago. Things are going very well for me now that I have found something I love to do. I signed up to dance in the student showcase in just over a month so that means hours of practice each day to get up to par with the other students. I am not a natural at this so I have a lot of work to do! I am determined to get it done!

I am going to find my pictures from when I started the Herbalife program and post some before and after pictures. I have also started a weight loss support group Getting Fit Together to help encourage others. The forum is open for right now but you will need to register to post soon. This forum will not be a great big sales advert for me but I will sometimes recommend the products I sell.

So my life right now is all about getting fit and helping others do the same. The best tip I can offer my readers is to find something to do that your enjoy and it will change your outlook on getting fit. For me it was pole dancing fitness class. If you are just not sure what it is for you try as many things as you can and choose something that you refuse to miss unless you are seriously ill.

For classes look for a place that offers short term trial memberships or drop in classes for a small fee. If you think you might like to do something that requires an equipment investment look to see if you can rent what your looking for or keep trying sites like Craigslist to see if you can get low cost used equipment. Try everything you can possibly think of until you find what is right for you. It will pay off in results.

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