Tuesday, December 2, 2014

FitGirl Progress

Good afternoon everyone just thought I would post a quick update and just a little personal stuff.

FitGirl Blogs

First I have spent way too much time the last few weeks on computer work and can't wait to do some more pole work today! I am learning a lot though and have put together a community oriented page for FitGirl. Somewhere that I can write posts that are maybe a little more personal than my blog posts on the business page. It also gives me more control over what goes up when and what types of things I can put on the page. So I would love for you to check it out and give me some feedback!
FitGirl Community
FitGirl Business

Training....Training and...Forced Rest

Well I was training like a maniac because I would like to start performing and competing. I wanted to nail a few really big moves ASAP! Guess what while I have seen progress I need to pace myself, just like I tell clients. I was forced to rest by the fact that I was so sore I could barley lift my coffee mug with out feeling it.

I won't see progress if I injure myself so I have to follow my own advice and if I don't have the all illusive Iron X with a twisty grip by my first performance so be it. I know plenty of advanced moves that I can work into combos.

The plan is to work a little each time I hit the pole on the moves I want to learn. Work on building the additional strength, muscle memory, and flexibility needed to acquire the kick ass super advanced moves. I will spend most of my practice time working the things I already know making them all work together to make a beautiful performance.

A little diary style addition....
Since this is a more of a diary blog I have to spend a little time talking about life in general.

First things first I love and hate writing! I love to blog posts that I am interested in and personal diary posts but I hate that when I get motivated to write ideas come to me the minute I lay my head down on the pillow for the night!

Seriously I am going to have to get a notebook and put it next to the bed so maybe if I just jot down some of the ideas I will be able to fall asleep.

Then there is the writing process.....

I tend to write too much all the time so over the last few weeks I have learned to start with a topic and write, write and write. Then come back later and see if I need to do several posts or if I just need to narrow the one post down.

Now if I could just learn to shut off the ideas when I don't want them and turn them on when I sit down to write that would be great. Then it would be really awesome if my mind would not bombard me with 200 things I want to say about each topic and quickly organize it into a comprehensive post.

Well I guess you can't have everything right!