Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sorry I have been away!

I have three blogs and I have put this one off for several reasons. First until this week I was not working out or watching what I was eating. I had become overwhelmed with my new schedule and I got sick and have had a hard time getting completely well. I will have a really good day followed by a few days of nasty sinus drainage and coughing.

I decided that for now an hour on work out days was not going to work. So my goal is to to get in a half an hour or more 5 days or more a week. I have been doing a half hour of step on the wii fit using leg weights and a few strength training exercises after if I have time. I do feel better and more ready for classes when I work out. It is true that physical exercise helps the brain function better. So I am now determined to get that workout in on school days. I have an easier time paying attention. Oddly enough I am less tired when I work out in the morning, well at least when it is only a half hour work out. I am however more tired near bed time and I get better sleep. I really need to keep those things in mind when I don't feel like working out.

Any way I have also been using my free time to listen to audio books and podcast that are either inspirational or educational. For the most part I have quit listening to music in the car or when walking to class. I have finished Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and another download on cash flow planning as well as daily podcasts of his radio show. I also have listened to Life Management for Busy Women and most of A Woman's Call To Prayer by Elizabeth George and I have listened to 48 Days to the Work You Love (well one more disc left) by Dan Miller and I have listened to a brief version of a Grammar Girl book but I missed a lot because of phone calls so I am downloaded the full version. I have budgeted in an subscription and get two free audio books a month I can download to my ipod. I want to get one educational and one fiction book with these credits and I will look for deals on the other books I want. I love the audio books because I can do other things while listening like getting the kitchen clean or throwinga toy for my dog.

Sorry about the bad grammar and the poor arrangement but I am off for school soon and I just wanted to give a quik update.