Sunday, May 5, 2013

Detoxifying your life

Good morning everyone! I am going to be changing the direction of this blog....I know I have done this multiple times but this time I mean it. I am not promising anything on a regular basis because every time I do life just gets in the way and blogging moves just gets moved lower and lower on the priority list.

I am not sure I will actually go back and delete anything but I am going to focus heavily healthy living including but not limited to, product reviews, healthy eating tips, fitness tips and my personal journey to eliminate toxins in my diet and personal care.

I have been pretty passionate about this in the past but the products have just been so expensive so I gave up. You can't spend a third of your income on food and personal care items. Now I have been eating more organic produce and other products for while now but sometimes I just can't. Sometimes we buy from the health store just to support them or to find an item that is not sold anywhere else. Now that the grocery store is selling a lot more organic I purchase these items there as often as I can to let those chain stores know that organic is important to me. The great thing is they now offer a lot of sales at stores like Krogers on the organic items. Just this past week I got Stonyfield Farms Greek yogurt at the 10 for $10 price. I saved about $7 dollars by stocking up.

The personal care items we have in our homes such as toothpaste, soaps, shampoos, lotions, deodorant and makeup are all full of toxic chemicals. Now I am not going to say that any one of these chemicals will give you cancer or put you six feet under twenty years early. I know that is not the case yet there is a problem when you are using so many of these chemicals on your body as well as ingesting then in your food each day.

My first steps aside from eating higher quality foods and as many organic items as I can find is to replace my personal care items. A few days ago I purchased a natural deodorant and a natural toothpaste. I intend to research them further and bring you a review of each of them soon and let you know what is in them and if they work. So far the deodorant and the toothpaste work fine. Since I am the queen of trying to get a good deal I decided to go to Amazon and find some good subscribe and save deals for shampoo and conditioner,  facial cleanser, and a few other items. I ordered 5 products to try because it would save me an additional 15% off my order. When they arrive I will test them and let you know how well they work and what is in them.

Just a note for those of you trying to live a more healthy life just because something says organic does not make it healthy. You still have to watch what is in it and how many calories you are eating. If you eat a cinnamon roll  made with all organic ingredients it does not make it healthy. It may be a better choice than a non organic sweet treat but it is still bad for you.

Also don't trust labels something can have organic in the title and not actually be organic. I could make highly processed food full of all kinds of poor quality ingredients and call my company "Healthy Organic Food" as long as I didn't claim elsewhere on the packaging that I had organic products. Now if I were that deceitful people would quickly quit buying my products but there really are companies the capitalize on our ignorance so just be careful.

Last and most important if you decide to make the switch to less toxic items in your household as I am do your research and start small. Do your research and find out what is most important to your health and start there. I will start providing tips and options soon but if you take one personal care item each week or two a month and replace them with items that better for your health and skin you will be helping your body with each change.