Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun
Well I have had three occasions to wear costumes over the last week and it has been great to fit into a few super sexy ones and not feel like a cow. I have some sort of obsession with dressing up and I pulled out my box of costumes from about 8 years ago and found that some of them were actually too big. Almost all of them fit but some I was not really comfortable wearing so I bought two new ones and they were a hit. Hopefully some of the pictures that were taken will get back to me one of these days.

Maybe this obsession stems from the lack of freedom when I was young or maybe it is just a great excuse to wear something sexy in public at my age. Who knows but I had a blast the last week dancing the night away in a costume and hanging with some lovely ladies and their significant others.

Life Update
The last few months in my life have had me going a little crazy. Things are really good here I am no longer loosing weight but I am still loosing fat. I have my bad weeks and gain some fat but then I usually put my eating in check and loose it again. I have been doing a lot of working out and I am pushing the power moves in pole dance fitness class. I have had the chance to try on some more clothes and found that my shoulders are apparently too big for my size and a lot of tops now fit me in the tummy area but not the arms. I suppose this is a good problem to have so I am not going to complain. I will just buy more sleeveless things and use some wraps to go over them so I don't freeze.

I also started selling Tastefully Simple and found a few little side jobs. I am doing rather well with Tastefully simple and really excited about it. I have some trouble making time for it with all the classes I take but I have only been selling for two months and I will end up with about 2000 dollars  in sales once I close the last party today. I even earned my kit money back and got a bunch for free supplies for my sales. I am actually making money and don't have to push it on people because everyone likes the food.

Well I am off to meet with the hostess that will be closing the party today so have a great day.