Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gonna have to get the measuring tape out again!

Well I have stalled on my actual numbers on the scale but I can still see a slow but defined difference in my body. I am looking better and I even had to buy some clothes because everything I had was too big and I am not quite small enough to fit into my old summer clothes. If it was not in the 90's I would just suck it up and wear jeans but it is not so I bought a few work out outfits and a few things I could wear that were nice. When I say a few I mean I got one top and one dress and three workout outfits.

I work out at a mixed company gym and when your top keeps falling off or down under your bra you know it is time to get something new unless you really like giving the opposite sex a show. I don't so I spent less than 40 dollars on work out clothes at Walmart and got 3 outfits.

I have been trying to get to the ten pounds lost mark for 2 weeks now and I am feeling a bit frustrated about that. I have been eating well most days and even when I don't it is not like I pig out it is more like I eat healthy all day and then have something bad for one snack or for dinner. I have changed my diet a little in the last two days and got rid of a half a pound. I added some healthy grains back into my diet not many and not often but a few days a week I can have a whole wheat bagel or some whole grain toast. I am kind of wondering if my cravings make it harder for me to loose weight.

So for the record since I have been on Herbalife I have lost 9.5 pounds and since the January I have lost 24.5 pounds. I just have to make it over this hill and with all the time I am putting in at the gym I should get there soon. I am going to have to break out the tape measure to check and see if the inches are coming off like I think they are.

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