Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Again My Life Is Insane

I am moving! We have decided in order to save money we need to move back into the duplex we pay a mortgage on. We will save at least $700 dollars a month by moving back into the place and just using both units. The thing I hate is having to be a landlord and I know for sure I don't want to do that again. My hope is for Ryan to get back to work and my sales career to take off. Then we can save enough to build a house or buy something we really like but with the housing market so depressed in our area this will have to wait.

I am a little stressed out because I would like to get it done as quickly as possible but some things need done first. We will put carpet in the lower unit and a few other things. Will use mostly the lower unit so I would like to make a few minor cosmetic improvements before we move in and fix the small things that need fixing. Hopefully the water meter will be replaced today. Then we can turn the water back on and we can have the gas turned on.

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