Saturday, July 30, 2011

9 Pounds Lost With Herbalife and I Sell Avon now.

Selling Avon
Well as of this week I sell Avon products. I am really excited about this because Avon products are pretty easy to sell. They also support a variety of great causes and offer fundraisers to help support local causes. I love Avon make up and I really like their naturals line of bath and body products. I hope you will all check out my AVON website. Go ahead and order direct from the site if you like the products I still get credit. If not thanks for looking and supporting me!

Loosing with Herbalife
I have lost nine pounds thus far on Herbalife products the last pound has taken some more time because I got lazy with all the family functions going on. I didn't get to the gym for like 4 days in a row and only worked out at home one of those days. The worst part is the food I ate at these functions. Most of the time I went hoping for something healthy to eat and I am not going to be doing that any more. Having watermelon for a meal (because it is the only healthy option) didn't cut it and I had to eat other stuff. From now on I am going to have a low calorie Herbalife shake right before I go to anything like this unless I can obtain food details ahead of time.

I am going to have to be down right rude in some cases because I am sorry I just don't want to be fat anymore. If people have a problem with me not eating there food I am just going to have to try to nicely say I am trying to eat healthy and if they keep bugging me about it I am going to have to find a good method of stopping them in their tracks.

Why you might ask? This is because once I start eating crappy food I start craving it. I messed up on my diet but not any one whole day but then everything my hubby was eating was a temptation. Nearly three weeks on my diet and I had no cravings even with my hubby eating chips and garlic bread right in front of me. Then I cheated and ate fried chicken and cheesy potatoes and a few other bad things and I started craving crunchy starchy things.

So now I know I need to be prepared if there will not be healthy food at the event I need to have a shake before or take on in a Thermos. I can't make good choices when there is only junk food to choose from. The worst that can happen is I eat before and there is healthy food that I want to try in which case I can just have small portions.

I am actually pretty proud of myself for not going crazy with the bad food. I did not gain any weight back and still lost another pound since my last post. Now I have less than a month until my birthday and anniversary so I have to kick it back into high gear and get down as many more pounds as possible. I have been back at the gym the last two days and plan to go everyday until Friday.

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