Sunday, March 6, 2011

How much trouble would I get in if I shot my neighbors with a ........

Oh I don't know something non-lethal but annoyingly painful. I don't even own a gun but the thought of buying something with rubber bullets occurs to me because it is super loud in this area as soon as the snow melts. People party all night everyday of the week. Many nights I wake up to people fighting outside. Most of the time just a bunch of screaming but it is still disrupting my sleep.

Last night I woke up to police lights and the night before there was a guy for well over a half an hour pounding on a door across the street. Why? If anyone was home they didn't want to answer the door. I had a million things  I wanted to shout out the window. I didn't want to open it though and make my bedroom cold. Then I would never get back to sleep. So what did I do I just tried to sleep until it stopped.

Just as I go on a day shift I where I can get proper sleep I am getting to the season where the neighbors keep me awake. You see this is why I want to move out in the country and far away from people.


  1. That sucks... hope it get better.

  2. I actually think they might be dealing something but I have no proof and I am super paranoid.