Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Healthy Eating When You Don't Feel Good

I woke up the last three mornings with a sore throat but Monday and Tuesday it went away after a few cups of coffee. Today however I've had a sore throat all day and excess sinus drainage to top it off.

I did spend a half an hour playing the work out game we got courtesy of Gamefly. Your Shape Fitness Evolved is a great game. I really wish we would have bought this one first. I don't like the tutorials but you only have to do them once. I didn't go through an entire set of classes or training program. I did some Zen classes that are like Tia Chi. Then I did a little cardio boxing and some fitness games and a few things with the personal trainer.

The game is much better at tracking your movements than EA Active. I am impressed thus far and I hope to feel better tomorrow so I can play some more.

I have managed to stay on my diet this is usually hard for me when I don't feel good. I usually don't feel like eating when I am sick but then I get really hungry and try a little of everything in the house until I find something that tastes good. Today however I ate what I had planned for the most part. I had an extra mini weight watchers snack cake and I am putting a little sugar in my tea. I have points for the day left and if my tea tastes better sweet I will use some points for that.

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  1. Yes it is hard, good luck... and i hope you feel better soon.