Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back on Track this week

Well I did very well yesterday on my diet and I walked myself to near death. I am being overly dramatic but I always seem to forget that no matter how good I feel I can't over due it on the leg that was broken. I can work up to taking two one hour walks but I really should't do that just because it was nice out. I am sore today but just in that leg. 

I have not done any working out today because I am sore and I have some other things on my mind. I have been working through these and starting to compartmentalize them so they are not a bunch of random thoughts. I am really feeling like I am wasting my time doing things that I am not passionate about and I am to scared to do the things I am   but that is a long story for a different day.

So I will hopefully stay on track all this week and have good news to report on the scale next Monday. I know it is only Tuesday but I am motivated to stay on task this week. I need to look good in a swimsuit by summer. Not that I ever wear one but you never know I could meet someone who has a pool or something. 

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