Sunday, February 27, 2011

Work, Work and More Work.

My week has been a little strange this week with all the extra shifts I picked up. I had trouble organizing my time around my shifts. I work at home so I should have done better. It was my first week without an overnight shift. My 12.5 hour shift is a day shift now. I liked it much better and I have been sleeping better.

This week went well except that I didn't organize my free time as well as I should have. I had plenty of time to work out and get blogs posted and clean but I just didn't.  On a typical day I only work 3-4 hours so if I were to organize my time I could get a lot more done. 

Lets move on from my first mistake this week to the second one. I did very well on my eating plan until yesterday. As I said I was home working a 12.5 hour shift and the phones were ringing a lot more than my overnight shift. I got hungry and I had nothing planned for dinner and not much healthy left for the week. My back up Smart Ones pizza was not going to be enough and I was all out of lunch meat and veggies to snack on. I was not prepared and I let myself get so hungry that I ate 5 pieces of the pizza I ordered. I ordered thing crust but I am kind of sure that was a mistake this time. I might have felt full faster if I had ordered regular crust. 

For God only knows what reason I still didn't feel full. I didn't eat anymore because I knew I was being ridiculous as it was. I finished a little over half a medium pizza and I am have no idea how many points that is but I am just going to say it is all my weekly points and maybe then some. I ordered pizza because it could all be done online between calls. I didn't have to put any calls on hold and my hubby would be up by the time the pizza guy came to the door. I should have ordered Chinese but every time I tried to do something for myself a call came in and I value my job over my growling stomach.

So now I know that I need to have something that is super easy for dinner on Saturdays. I was up at 6am and I am hungry for dinner much earlier than usual. So if need be I should run to the store midweek for some extra veggies to snack on (some of mine went bad by then) and something for dinner. I either need to find something healthy that can be thrown in the microwave or something I don't have to cook at all. 

Aside from the two big mistakes this week things were great. I earned extra money and before yesterday I was doing great on the diet. I have not weighed much this week so Monday will tell if I made a huge mess of things or not. I would be happy to have maintained my first weeks weight loss after what I did yesterday.

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  1. I’ve been without internet access lately, but hopefully that problem is solved.
    I love the purple font color btw.