Monday, February 14, 2011

Weight Watchers Online


I get a lot of cards in the mail for joining Weight Watchers again for free. I don't like going to meetings as I am not one to make friends with strangers just because we share a weight loss goal. It isn't that I don't like to talk with people that share my goals it is that when you meet face to face with people like that they start to share other things. I don't share deep dark secrets here so why would I do it in a meeting.

Now if some of my friends wanted to go I might go with them because we could support each other. We could privatively discuss some of the major emotional issues that keep us from staying motivated. I share here many of the issues and setbacks that i have but  I am not an open book. I don't like to share issues that might bite me in the ass later.

So I decided to join online to kick-start my diet plan. I am not having any success staying on my low carb diet at all. So I know I had some success the last time I was on Weight Watchers and decided to give it a try again. They make it pretty easy to count the points with there online system so now I just have to do it everyday.

I am still not sure how to work my overnight shift. I can't go all night without eating but should I start counting any calories I eat after midnight as the next day? I usually am up on Tuesday-Wednesday about 20 hours and I have a hard time dividing my food on that day. Mainly because I am up again on Wednesday around 3pm to 2 or 3am. Sometimes I try just get a few hours sleep and then get up so I will be tired all day but be able to sleep around midnight or so. I really wish I could get used to this schedule. I sleep 5 or 6 hours one night and 10 the next to try to make up for it.

Anyway I am getting back on track with my eating. With this plan I can eat just about anything I want as long as I keep a balance. I still need to plan my food and maybe I will get better at it if I just keep plugging away at the different plans until I find something that works for me. I do like the results I get from not eating too many carbs so I will start to learn to plan meals that are low in carbs but I won't make myself crazy if I have a lazy night and end up having turkey dogs on whole wheat buns with some potatoes for a side. I just have to figure out how to balance it so I am not overeating any one food group.

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