Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back to the store today.

I went on the safe side and got a lot of things I liked in large yesterday and a few in medium. I tried on all the large tops and they looked big but I was sure the mediums would be too small. I got tired of trying things on and picked up a few mediums. Khols clearance racks were amazing. When I came home to try things on with the clothes I already have I found that the mediums fit well and were actually much more flattering in most styles of clothes that I bought. So I have to go back and exchange some things. I also found one thing that didn't match like I thought it would so I have to take that back too. Other than that it was a great day. I didn't even spend a whole paycheck.

I only shop for clothes about once every two or three years so I think I did pretty well. The most I do between clothes shopping trips is buy some bras or underwear and if needed buy something one outfit for something. Hence the one outfit I have worn to interviews and to meetings at work. I am really excited to have some nice clothes that fit nicely.

I also got a pair of dress shoes and two pairs of boots. Everything I bought was on clearance and I am really excited to have more clothes to wear. As it was I was still wearing my work clothes from Daniels most of the time because I refused to buy more clothes as fat as I was.

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