Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thanks to an awesome co-worker

Today I went in for my monthly meeting with my supervisor. I ran into the co-worker who picked up the Saturday day shift and we talked and she decided to switch shifts with me. I am so happy and thankful I could just jump for joy.

I just wanted to thank God for the circumstances that made this possible and give a huge thanks to the wonderful woman who made this possible.

I will now have an easier time picking up extra day shifts and I will be able to get on a reasonable sleep schedule. I won't be tired all the time. So that is a huge stress off my shoulders plus it takes away my fear of not getting enough hours.

I will continue my search for that awesome job that no one can refuse but it doesn't feel so urgent. I will also be able to get into a good workout and healthy eating groove. I am just super excited!

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