Wednesday, February 16, 2011

20 Hour Days Do a Number on the Diet

I had enough activity points and extra weekly points to get through my overnight shift. Sadly I used more of them than I wished too. Just means no giant ice cream or half a pizza on the weekend.

I am SOOOO glad that I will not have to do another overnight shift again! Well maybe if there is some sort of emergency but for the most part I am on days again. Life will be so much simpler so I really don't care that I am giving up my Saturdays. It is not forever just until I find a better job. I might even find a position within the company I work for if I continue on there.

Now that things are looking up there I am able to pick up day shifts there and other projects that other people might have for me during the week. I am feeling good about this job again and while I continually want to improve myself and look for a better job I don't feel like there is a rush. I have normal hours and when I do work extra shifts they will be during the hours I would normally be awake.

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