Friday, February 11, 2011

Shopping Tomorrow

As you may know I have been looking for a second part time job or something that will work around my schedule. Also the perfect job would be know the one where I make 20 dollars an hour doing something I love. I doubt I have applied for anything like the dream job but I have applied for several jobs that would give me extra hours and maybe get my foot in the door somewhere where I have the potential to land a great position someday. I have even applied for other positions where I currently work.

The problem is that I had to borrow clothes the week I had training for my current job. I have exactly one jacket to wear and nothing really nice to wear underneath it. I have one pair of pants and a few skirts but almost nothing I can wear on top. I am sure going in a skirt and a bra is not a good plan. I am also pretty sure that they are on to me when I show up in the office in the same thing for every meeting.

Oh and lets not forget the pair of shoes I have. I have one pair of flats but they were cheap and they are starting to fall apart. I also have an awesome pair of heels but they are also falling apart and I think one of the heels will break soon. I get attached to my shoes and I just wear them out. I suppose it could be worse I could buy a pair of shoes for each outfit.

So I really hate shopping and I wanted to go by myself today. That didn't happen because of a last minute birthday party. I am going to go tomorrow by myself because I like to go to the store load my cart and head back to the dressing rooms. I like to try things on as fast as I can and move on. I don't like to browse I just like to find what I can quickly.

I would never buy new clothes and shoes if the old ones still fit I am not very fashionable. I try to buy very basic things and wear them until they can no longer be fixed. So this is not going to be fun for me especially since I have a bunch of size 5 and below dress clothes in the closed that I can even squeeze into.

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