Saturday, February 19, 2011

Encouraging News From the Scale Today

I know I said I was not going to weigh in everyday but I tend to like to the first few weeks of any diet plan. So I started Monday at about 155 maybe a half pound lighter and today I weight 151.5.  Even if I didn't loose a full 3.5 pounds because of daily fluctuations I did loose some weight. That means the workouts and the diet are working. My official Weight Watchers weigh in is Monday. I have like 30 of my weekly points left and a bunch of activity points.

The new WW plan does seem to frown on a lot of sugary carbs. I think the plan is better than what I was on before as it helps make healthier choices without sacrificing many of the foods I love. I was extremely aggravated at first that my favorite yogurt was 6 points. I found one for 4 points and just ate fruit with it since that is 0 points.  I have a yogurt to try today with a low amount of suclarose in it that is only two points. I don't know if I can eat because I get migraines when I have any of those sweeteners. I figure since it is one of the last ingredients I might be okay. Splenda or suclarose are the only sweeteners other than sugar that I seem to be able to tolerate in low amounts.

For some reason today I am not super hungry. I had a banana for breakfast with a cup of milk that I put in my coffee. I don't love milk but I need the calcium so I put it in coffee. I plan to have the 2 pt yogurt for a snack soon and that will add up to only 5 points for today.

Lunch will be a sandwich on very thin whole wheat bread with 2 oz of ham and a tiny bit of cheese served with 16 ranch flavored multi-grain Pringles. That meal is 8 points. I have fruit to snack on and I hope to go somewhere for dinner tonight. I am thinking Applebees as they have WW meals....well at least they did last time I went there.

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