Friday, February 18, 2011

The scale was not my enemy today.

I was down another half a pound making it 153.5 today. I don't want to make a habit of getting on the scale everyday but some days I just feel like I could be pleasantly surprised.

I am meeting a friend for lunch today so I have not had a lot of points because I am not sure what I can eat when I get there. I did however pop in the step video Kim Kardashian: Fit In Your Jeans by Friday: Butt Blasting Cardio Step and it made me realize how horribly out of shape I am. It looks easy and I am pretty sure to anyone who works out on a regular basis that it is. I did a little over half the video and I was dripping buckets of sweat and felt like I might pass out.

So I got about 30 minutes in and I am hoping to get a walk with the dog and hubby in this evening since the weather is starting to cooperate. I still can not believe that I am this out of shape maybe I will have to do the video again with out a step and just pretend it is there until I get all the moves down and can do them without passing out.

So after lunch with one friend I get to hang out with another friend and then I have to make it home in time to walk with my hubby. I have such a great day planned for today. Hope you all have a great days as well.

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