Monday, January 31, 2011

Working On a Plan

We have a huge snow storm coming in overnight so I am really glad I don't have to leave the house for work at all this week. I did sign up to be on call a few of the days after the snow in case the office is closed.

I have spent a lot of today working on a better resume and thinking of what I really want to do. There are many positions a social worker can take. I need to put a plan in place with some goals. For example if I want to work in a hospital I need to check the hospital job boards frequently. I could also ask people I know who work in a hospital to help me get in touch with a hospital social worker so I could learn more about what they do. I could also find out what different types of positions social workers take in hospitals. Then I could make a plan to begin networking with the right people and acquiring any education necessary.

That is just an example but I am sure it applies to just about any position I would consider. I do like being able to work at home but I also miss being around people sometimes. This is also a long term plan not a goal I expect to reach in the next few months. While I like the job I have now in the future I would like to make more money but only if it is in my field. I don't want another job at a factory or an automotive shop just to make more money.

I don't plan to move out of the area any time soon so I don't see that 15-20 dollar an hour stable social work job in my near future. Do I believe I will get one eventually? I certainly do, but for now I like my current job and every extra penny counts.

So I will search on for anything and everything I can do to get into a position that will help me to get a job in my field even if that means I have to work weekends and all my evenings off. I just have to sacrifice until I get the right job or right combination of jobs

Also for those of you following my weight loss journey I think I am going back to roughly counting calories. It is actually a bit easier for me right now that trying so hard to just eat fruit, lean meat and veggies. I can plan low calorie meals better than I seem to be able to plan low carb meals. In the spring I might look at the low carb thing again. That is when fresh fruit and veggies taste good and last.

I bought a lot of yogurt this week (all natural Dannon) and some V8 fusion. The V8 is so I can get fruits and veggies in one drink and I just like yogurt. I have not been working out the last week but I am planning to start again soon. I got off track when I got sick and now I have to get back into the swing of things.

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  1. Do whatever make it easier for you... I wish you the best of luck.

    Just remember, being positive about yourself, is the first and most important step of all.