Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I was scared...

When I stepped on the scale this morning after my week or so of not doing much in the way of working out and dieting. I was pleasantly surprised I lost another pound.

I am not sure how that happened but I will take what I can get. I did count calories yesterday but I am sure that didn't do the trick. I have still been eating a lot smaller portion sizes even when I ate bad for me stuff. I used to eat at least four pieces of pizza and some cheese bread now I am luck if I can eat three slices and no bread. Even that depends on the pizza if it is thin crust I eat three if it is regular I eat two.

I am back to calorie counting and trying to keep under 1600 calories a day on most days. I am still going to have days that I cheat but not entire weeks. I know the low carb diet works faster but I can't seem to stay on it. I have my Weight Watchers food tracking book that I am using to journal what food I have eaten and the calories. I have no intention of counting the points.

I work tonight for 12.5 hours and I am going to try to spend a few of those hours standing and maybe marching in front of my desk. It won't be good cardio but it will be more activity than I have had this past week. I realized how out of shape I am a while ago but I got a blinding slap in the face yesterday when I felt like I was going to die after cleaning the bathroom. Granted I had put it off for quite some time and it needed a lot of scrubbing but I shouldn't have had a huge back ache just from cleaning the tub.

So my goal is to get more active daily even if that means less computer time or even standing while on the computer instead of reclining in my comfy chair. If I make some simple changes and keep eating less and healthier I might just loose about a pound a week. I have at least 30 pounds to loose so I can hopefully loose it in less than a year. As soon as spring hits I am naturally more active and I love fresh fruits when the weather breaks.