Saturday, January 29, 2011

Feeling Human Again

Well the last few days I have felt like I was run over by a bus. I thought I was just sore from working out at first and then the sinuses started to go crazy and I realized I was getting sore all over not just the muscles I worked.

 I spent most of Wednesday and Thursday on the couch or in bed. Sadly I ate what sounded good and I didn't work out. So I am going to have a lot of work to do this next week.

I did spend some time yesterday looking for a second part time job. I like my job so I am not looking to quit but I don't like that I have to pick up hours as they become available and on top of that I have to keep checking. I do have one regular shift so I can be selective and wait for the right job with the right hours. I thought I would like the floating hours but I really don't. I like to have set hours for the most part.

I am not freaking out but I am hoping to get something more specific to my degree. That might mean I have to work weekends but I can live with that if it gets me closer to a good paying job in my field. I did go to school to be a social worker and I want to do that now. I know that it is not the highest paying field out there but I can make quite a bit more than I do now if I start taking on any job that gives me more experience.

I am working on getting some free continuing education credits in a little at a time now so I am not rushed at the end of my two year mark this time. I do have until September 2012 to complete them so that won't be hard. I would love to get into a hospital or a university. I know those jobs are hard to come by so I don't expect that any time soon. I need to rack up the experience and get my name out there. I am in a job that I like so the hope is that I can find additional work to further my experience.


  1. Yes, continuing an education is a sound idea. Working for the city, hospital or school is a solid career choice.

    I wish you the best of luck…

  2. Thanks Jeff! I have something in the works now I just don't want to talk about it until I am sure. I will get my continuing education credits and more experience. Not sure if I will get paid but the experience is very important right now.

  3. I loved this true...It really inspired me! Thanks for sharing! :-)