Monday, January 3, 2011

Working On Getting Healthy

Today my husband and I took a walk with the dog and we played a game that was physically active. I still don't feel great today even though I got a lot of sleep.

I am going to use my step tonight while I watch some television after my hubby goes to work. I let my day shift supervisor know that I couldn't work the early mornings anymore except the things I already said I would do. She seemed fine with that and I am hoping that I don't get fired for it. I really don't want to look for a job again especially after I found one I like.

I am also went to the store to get some healthy things to eat. I have a few more things to use up that are easy and not healthy but I will try to balance that with healthy meals. I got some almonds to snack on too because they are much healthier than candy and chips. They also have more protein and I have really been craving meat lately because I have only been eating protein at dinner. I know when I snack on nuts I don't feel as hungry. So I got some yogurt to go with some canned fruit for lunches. One step at a time I will get back to being healthy.

I have been so moody lately from lack of sleep and physical activity and poor nutrition it has been miserable to be around myself. So I went to the store and got a few natural supplements as well. I read a lot about St. Johns Wort and Ginko Biloba and they seem to be things that would help me. I know they don't have the backing of the FDA but I think it is worth a try. I know they won't make me change my bad habits but if they can make me feel clear headed I might be able to muster up some motivation. As an added benifit the Ginko Biloba is also supposed to help improve memory we will see if that works since I have always had trouble with that.

This year I want to stop fooling around and get healthy. I didn't say get thing I just want to feel good again. I no longer wish to feel like a zombie. I wish to feel alive both mentally and physically.

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