Sunday, January 2, 2011

Feel Like A Zombie Today

I really feel like doing nothing today. I told my hubby I would play the Kinect game with him today but I have a few hours before he even gets up. I plan to go with him and Asuka for a walk today too.

Still I really don't want to get off the couch today. Sure I could promote my blogs and write blog posts and feel some sort of accomplishment but I really do need to start getting off my butt. I don't do enough and really I feel like I have lost my passion for doing things. I am really starting to think I suffer from mild seasonal depression.

I may just be lazy but I am looking into natural ways to boost my mood. I have been reading about a few things this morning including St. Johns Wort. I think I might give this a try. I am not on any other medications and that combined with a good vitamin will hopefully help. I have also read the exercise helps and I am sure that it does so I am going to have to figure out some way to keep a good work out as a part of my daily schedule.

The reason I want to work a lot is to save for a new home and the schedule makes it hard for me to get on any type of schedule.I actually am dreaming that I am on the night shift and have fallen asleep while I am working. My hubby makes enough to save a little money and pay all the bills so I may start with not accepting too many hours Saving more for a home will take longer but my marriage won't last if I feel like crap all the time. I will have figure out what the right amount of hours is but I can tell you after this past week of 42.5 hours in 4 days that is not the right amount. On my days off I feel like a zombie. I am thinking that it will be more like 25-30 with one 12.5 hour shift as always but the rest divided into shorter shifts. I used to love long shifts with more days off but I think it is killing me. It could just be the crazy hours too I am not sure yet.

I am having trouble sleeping too. I have dreams that I am supposed to be staying awake when I am actually supposed to be sleeping and I force myself awake. I am pretty sure aside from anything I have already committed myself to that I am going to have to ask that I not be given any hours that are before ten in the morning. My overnight shift is 12.5 hours long and it starts at 6:45 on Tuesday nights and goes until 7:15 am. I may have to sacrifice some of the evening time I usually spend with Ryan because afternoon shifts will run into our time together. I think it will be worth it for both of us though as I won't be so crabby all the time. I need my sleep and I am wondering if the lack of sleep is contributing to my feelings of depression.

  I think that I will spend some time researching that today too. I know lack of sleep causes a lot of problems and it might be the main cause of my lack of zest lately. I just feel like a zombie so much I am starting to wonder if I am one.


  1. Yes, I agree with your ideas... not enough sleep causes some serious problems, ranging from physical to emotional and not to mention your relationship with people who have regular work schedules.

    I hope you find an answer or solution that makes you happy.

  2. work hard, save hard...???
    Goodluck for your life...
    Take care about your health...