Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Work Out Game on My Hit List

If one could murder a video game I would be doing that right now. I don't know what is wrong with it I have used it three days now. The first day it froze on me and I was in a work out mood so I just tried it again later and it worked.

The second time I was halfway through a good work out and I was too physically drained to start over. Today it froze up about 5 minutes in and I am just steaming mad. I don't think it is a defective disc because my hubby has not had those problems when he does it. If it is a defective disc it is also prejudiced. Maybe it requires you to be connected to Xbox live. I don't play the game system enough to have my own live account.

I am researching it but it really is frustrating looks like I am going to have to research another game for working out if I want to do this. For now it looks like a boring workout on the treadmill today. I really didn't expect that and from the mixed reviews on this game my best guess is there are a lot of bad copies of the game floating around or something. I have two missed workouts because I can't get the second workout to play through. I am really frustrated. My opinion at this juncture is don't buy this game unless they fix the problem.

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