Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not Feeling It Today

Well today I am feeling like I was hit by a bus. I did take a good walk with the hubby last night and with the dog. I worked all night and went to bed and slept for like 7 hours so it isn't like I didn't sleep but I didn't take my supplements and I had my coffee late. I have a headache and I have felt groggy most of the day.

When my hubby goes to work I plan to finish the last few chapters of my book and get on the treadmill that sounds like a spaceship a really loud one at that. I am not feeling the elliptical today but I need to do something. If I don't I will get off track. I really feel like sitting here all day and doing nothing.

On that note I think I am also having super cravings for sweets. I have some orange juice and yogurt in the house and even muffins for breakfast but all the super sweet stuff I had over the holiday season is what I am dying for. It is like an addiction. I just can't stop myself it seems if I have the stuff around. I can go through spells where I also crave salty snacks but the sweet stuff is a killer for me.

I will just have to make sure it is not in the house from now on I am not going to let my life be taken over by my sweet cravings.

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