Monday, January 24, 2011

My Day

Well today I got up at noon and answered phones for work for two hours starting at 1:30. Then I had to go meet the tenants that moved out a few weeks ago to walk through the place with them. Then we went to a market and a grocery store.

I got a lot of veggies for the week but I didn't like what I did with them and I cooked a few portions. I am not sure if some of the veggies tasted bad or if they didn't taste good with soy sauce. I am going to try another sauce next time.

I did buy myself one of those tiny boxes of conversation hearts because I love them. My hubby always seems irritated at the price of a box over that of a bag. I just wanted a little and if you can't stop yourself from eating the whole bag it is well worth the extra money to get the box. I did find a box for 25 cents so it wasn't that bad but you can get 10 times that much in a bag for less than two buck. I have been pretty good about not buying candy so the hubby didn't seem to care today.

Tonight I plan to do an hour of cardio boxing on the Xbox. My arms are really sore from yesterday but it kept my heart rate up and it was fun. I turned the trainers voice down and used my own music. I am not really sure where this day went but since I stay up until about 3-4 in the morning it is not that far gone. I have about six hours to go.

Todays Work Out
1 hour of cardio boxing

Todays meals
Coffee with milk (most of a pot and no idea how much milk)
1 piece of whole grain bread with peanut butter

2 small pieces of chicken maybe 2.5 ounces

I have had about a handful of almonds between meals as well.

2 small pieces of chicken maybe 2.5 ounces
Zuchini, onion, carrot and mushrooms stir fried in a small amount of butter soy sauce and mirin. (I made three portions of this so I will call it stir-fry veggies)

I plan to have the the chicken and stir-fry veggies for my 4th meal and because I have been snacking on almonds I will just have an apple for my fifth meal.

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  1. Nice meal plan... I hope you stick with it, good luck.