Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Want Junk Food!

Well last night I did my hour on the treadmill and I ate well all day. Today I have been dying for Pizza and whatever junk food I can think of. I can't say I was really bad but I had some of the Weight Watchers Smart Ones Mini Pizzas in the freezer. I had that for a meal and it helped with the cravings. Here is how my days look for meals:
Meal #1 Peanut-butter on Whole wheat toast and coffee with milk
Meal #2 Chicken and broccoli (separate or in a stir-fry)
Meal #3 Chicken and Apple or Bannana
Meal #4 Chicken and veggies or fruit
Meal #5 Chicken and veggies or fruit

I allow myself to pick from the veggies or fruit I have on hand and I try to make enough at dinner most days to feed me the next day. I don't count calories and I bake or stir-fry the chicken most of the time. I use sauces and marinades for the chicken so it is not boring. If I decide to have something bad I substitute something. Also I sometimes have a glass of milk or juice as well.

I eat small meals about every three hours that way I don't start to feel real hungry in between. I am getting to the point where I feel full with less food already. I am going to keep this up and try to make my portion sizes more consistent but right now I am working on getting used to the five meals a day. It takes a lot of planning but it is working. I am also allowing for some cheat meals now and then because I just can't stay on a diet unless I can eat what I want sometimes.

Tonight I am going to do some step aerobics and strength training. I am still sore from the Tuesday but I need to keep it up. I may have to wait a day for upper body but I can still do the lower body. I shouldn't be surprised at how weak my arms are but I am just as sore today as I was yesterday.

The hope is by the end of February to be down at least a size. I am afraid to go on weight because when I do strength training I tend to gain and loose at strange rates. I know I can do this I just have to work hard and not give up. The hardest part right now is cooking so much. I hate cooking and I really can't wait until spring when I don't freeze to death taking the meat to the grill. I like grilled chicken better than baked and I can spend one afternoon cooking for days. Grilled chicken heats up better too for some reason.

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  1. I do as well, I hope you find the will to carry on... don't give up, and never doubt yourself.

    Best of luck, in all you do.