Saturday, January 15, 2011

All in one update

I am sitting here enjoying a cup of hot chocolate as my treat for the day. I ate very well today and most of yesterday. I worked out last night while I watched a movie and I plan to do a video or something tonight.

I had a good day over all even though I still didn't get a lot of housework done. I have a few fun ideas to tie into my Dark Novels blog not sure how yet. Thanks to my mom who started me on a new thinking track.

I am taking my mom out to lunch for her birthday tomorrow and I can't wait for some one on one time with her. We used to spend a lot more time together but our lives have changed.

So I am going to eat what I want at lunch tomorrow but I am working on a diet plan. Well sort of a diet plan it is going to be more like a stay away from certain foods most of the time thing and it is going to be try and see what works. My thoughts are along the lines of eating a lot of chicken and veggies or fruit. I like egg whites just about any way I can fix them and they will serve as morning protein a few days a week.

It will be a low carb diet....well that is not really right when I am ready to eat the right kinds of breads I can eat bread. Whole grain only and not the kind that says whole grains added on a Cookie Crisp cereal box kind of whole grains. I know I am always looking for an excuse to buy that nice looking pastry with 5 cups of sugar in just one serving but I am not going to let myself even if it claims to have 10 whole grains and added calcium.

I have some things in the house that need to be eaten and I am going to work those into a meal plan. Like on a day that I eat really well I can have a muffin for desert. I can bake things and freeze them and plan for them as a part of balancing my healthy food with foods I love that are not so healthy. I am NOT going to count calories that just makes me crazy. I am not going to measure my food and have fits if I have to grab some fast food once in a while.

I am going to keep something like hot chocolate around to curb the sweet cravings for awhile but I am going to be careful how much I have. Sweets and breads are my enemy.

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