Monday, December 20, 2010

Working Out To Stay Awake Tonight

Tonight after my hubby leaves for work I am going to get the treadmill out and walk on it for at least an hour. I am going to walk about the pace we walk when we walk the dog. I fell the last time we went for a walk and the ice is still out there so I must do something if I am not going to do my usual evening walk. I have to be up and working tomorrow evening for 12.5 hours with my shift ending at 7:15 am. That means I have to stay up as late as I can tonight so it is not so hard tomorrow.

I was supposed to work on Christmas Eve for a few hours but that got canceled and now another of my days is up in the air for the next week. I don't really care about it because I have plenty of hours next week with or without that shift. I just want to know for sure if I am supposed to work or not because I don't want to get fired from my new job that I love because of a miss-communication.

So I once my hours even out and I am back to a semi-regular schedule I would like to get on a regular work out schedule. I am thinking that should be something I can do. I have some long overnight shifts and I have thought about doing some easy exercises just to stay awake. Like calf raises or squats but not a whole work out routine. It has to be better than nothing.

I am determined to remember sometime this week to get a call in for the elliptical repair. I just keep forgetting to get my hubby to call with me in the short time the place is open after my husband gets out of bed. He works overnight too and he gets up well after 4pm. I am not sure what time zone the place is located in but they are open until 8 their time so we should be able to make the call.

Well hope you are all ready to enjoy the holiday season. I know I am!

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  1. I am ready for it as well; I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

    Best of luck