Friday, December 17, 2010

Working at Home is Awesome

I really love working at home. I love the job but the part that lets me pull my Lazyboy chair up to the computer and answer phones is the best. I can also work in my pajamas if I want. When I am really busy I am still comfortable.

I am still adjusting to schedule changes and trying to find healthy things I can eat in-between phone calls on my longer shifts. I have a coffee pot set up just feet from my work space. I am really happy about the job and I will work out the kinks in my schedule soon.

This is one of my dreams realized. I wanted to make money from home as one of my least favorite parts of working is the part where I have to get up and get ready and leave the house for work. I now realize that working is not what I hate it is the leaving the house part. I am not a hermit or anything but I do like to leave the house when I feel like it not at the crack of dawn every morning.

I only wish there were more opportunities like this one for others. This really is the perfect job for me. It has also helped me decide that when we build our new home that I need a proper office. I need a place where I can close the doors and lock out the dog or my hubby. It will be after the holidays that we pursue building a home again but it will happen. We have a few things we need to do before we decide for sure on a house plan. I am thinking we really need to make things the way we want them if we are going to build a house because we will have to live their until we die.


  1. Best of luck on the new home, and I am sure glad to hear the new job is working out.

    Have a wonderful Christmas...

  2. Figuring the eating thing out was the first hurdle I had to overcome when I start working at home. It was tough for me because I get into a grove and forget to eat until hubby gets home and I have to admit I didn't eat that day...again.

    Making larger meals at dinner helped a LOT so I could have leftovers to eat for lunch the next day. If I have something ready in the fridge, it's a lot easier for me to remember to pop it in the microwave when I'm in the kitchen for more water during the day. Otherwise, I've found that having a good supply of TV dinners (healthy-ish ones that don't take more than a few minutes and none of that slice and remove and re-cover stuff) are the only way I eat. Otherwise, I turn into a teenager or something and live on pop tarts and granola bars because they're all I have time for. :/

  3. Thanks Jeff and Jen. I am working on ideas for my meals and I found some bagged meals that heat up quickly in a skillet to try but they are not super healthy. I think the larger dinners idea is golden. I will plan accordingly and just eat leftovers. Snack foods don't fill me up and I eat too much.