Thursday, December 16, 2010

Loving Life

Well life is really good right now. Once I get used to flip-flopping my schedule so much I will get some sort of routine going. I have a few things on my mind and I am glad to be able to be back to blogging about them.

One I am so messed up on my working out. I do go for walks with the hubby and dog at least a few times a week but I am having trouble actually making a schedule. I am feeling weak and I really need to do something. I am not sure I want to walk with all the ice and snow considering that two years ago I broke my hip. I fell on the ice tonight and I was more scared that I could break a bone again than I have ever been. I am sure it is an irrational fear stemming form past experience but it is there and I am having trouble overcoming it.

On that same not my elliptical is still not fixed because I can't seem to remember to call the repair line when my hubby is up and can help me follow their instructions on how to possibly repair it. So that is on my list for tomorrow if I remember when I am done here I am going to write a note and affix it to my coffee pot and one to the refrigerator door.

The other thing on my mind is work. I absolutely love my new job. I get to work at home answering phones for a local non-profit. I just refer people to needed resources. One night I work roughly 7pm to 7am and then I work a bunch of day shift hours to cover for people who call of or have meetings or on days they plan to be busy. It looks like this week will be light and so will next week but the next week I am working over 40 hours. I like it this way sometimes I can work a lot and then if I am feeling a bit burnt out I can just work a few extra shifts. I only have the one night that I always have to work.

I really love that I get to work at home so an 8 hour shift is exactly that. I don't have to get up and get ready for work and then drive to work and drive home from work. I eliminate travel time and the time I would take to blow dry my hair and put makeup on. I actually don't feel the need to wear make up except when I go out with the hubby now so not only does this job save on gas money it saves on clothing and cosmetics.

The last thing on my mind is that even though life is great right now I am really crabby and moody. I know it is going to take me some time to get adjusted but I just feel like crap a lot. I know why and I am trying really hard not to take it out on my hubby. I am not always good at that and I am going to have to humble myself and talk to him about it. I will be fine once I get back to eating right and sleeping more regular. I get crabby when my schedule gets messed up and doing one overnight shift  and then switching back to a day shift with only one day to recover is rough.

I hope to post here more and I have been able to read on my overnight shifts so my Dark Novels blog will be updated more often. I am hoping to read a book a week but I can't say all my night shifts will be slow.

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