Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Need More Sleep....

Well I found this image when I typed in "need coffee."
I imagine that resembles me today. I worked from 6:45 PM Tuesday until 7:15 this morning.

That is not the bad part I would normally get to sleep around 8 and be fine to get up around 2 or 3. Not today thought. I fall asleep and the humidifier starts up with the crazy noise it makes when it is out of water. Again that was not long after I went to bed so I would have still been fine if that was it.

So I do fall asleep for about an hour and then someone is  knocking on the door. I assumed a solicitor but they keep knocking so I put some pajamas that cover me on and ran downstairs only to find the guy running across the street. I go back to bed and our house must be dry because the humidifier starts up again. Once I lay back down it becomes clear that the guy outside was here to tell me the city would be cutting the trees down across from my house today. They have been cutting and chipping the rest of the day. My dog is terrified and she decides laying next to me on the bed is not good enough so she lays on me. She is a small German Shepherd but 60 some pounds still a bit heavy for sleeping on your chest.

So I just really need a gallon of coffee or better yet maybe someone could set me up an I-V or something. I really need to wake up and try to get about my day. I have to go into work for a meeting tomorrow and then I have to work 8 hours on Friday and 12 on Saturday all during the day.

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