Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kinect Game Kicks My Butt

We just have the game that comes with the Kinect and I would like another game for working out. My hubby makes me play Kinect Adventures with him. That really kicks my rear end. I am fine with most of the challenges but there are some that have you going through an obstacle course and jumping and ducking and I have a lot of trouble keeping up. I know I am really out of shape and I also have trouble with all the jumping it hurts me where I have a bunch of hardware in my leg.

It is really the only work out I am getting right now but it would be nicer if we could skip the ones that require so much jumping or at least get some kind of padding for the wood floor. I have been complaining about having to play because he chooses times like after I have been awake for 15 hours and I can barely keep my eyes open or right after I take a shower. I suppose instead of complaining I could say something like "I am going to get in the shower soon if you want to play Kinect lets do it before because I don't want to take two showers today."

I was hoping for a work out game we could do together that was more like a class you would take at the gym. The problem is I still can't figure out which ones will let you play the game at the same time. I think The Biggest Looser game would be cool but I am sure that only takes one player. Then there is Your Shape Fitness and  EA Sports Active 2 that might allow two payers but as far as I could tell players take turns but I could be wrong.

I think regardless some of these games will help me get back on my track with my fitness goals. I was not impressed with the Wii fitness games I had but I heard they made improvements to that too. I am thinking I might spend a little to try one of these games. If nothing else maybe I can loose a few pounds and gain a little muscle.

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