Thursday, December 30, 2010

Plans for the Day Ruined

Well I am going to go out there and kill the tree people...okay not literally. I was however wishing that the giant tree they cut down would fall on their equipment and they would give up. It probably would not have helped me though as they are still out there. I am sure since they are working for the city the would have cleaned up the mess and come back with new equipment.

They are noisy and they have me blocked in my driveway. They have about 5 houses on each side of their work blocked in with the trees pieces and their equipment. I was supposed to have a meeting with my supervisor today but I can't get out. I am hoping they will finish this week. If not I will have to part a vehicle further down the street so I can get to a rescheduled meeting next week. I really wish I would have thought of that last night then I would not have had to call and cancel this morning. At least I will be prepared next time even if I have to walk a block to get to my car.

On that note I am thinking about what my plans for the new year will be. I am trying to get a better handle on how to organize my life. I am going to think of different areas of my life and set goals accordingly. I am going to strive for a healthier life in all aspects not just diet and exercise. I want to be good at everything I do and I want to decide what to focus on. I tend to have too many things going at once and never devote enough time to any one thing to be good at it.

I also have a lot of hobbies and I think I am going to have to spend less time watching television and movies and more time on reading and sewing. Reading because my popular blog is all about the books I read, well that and the anime posts are popular. I love to read a good book, in fact I just finished a fantastic one this morning.

I have decided to start sewing again because I like the things that I make much better than the things I find in the stores. Now that I sew I also find that I see things in the stores and say that would be cute if.......and picture how I could make it better. I like to sew I quit because I was frustrated with my machine and if I am totally honest because I was also frustrated with my weight. I will probably wait until spring to start sewing any clothes again. Most of my patterns are for warmer weather and I have a lot of light weight cotton material that I can use in my sewing machine. It won't take the heavier stuff the presser-foot doesn't work right it clamps down too tight. I might save for a new machine but if I do that I want something much fancier than what I have. Mine does the job and does it well when I use the right fabric.

So I need to loose some weight before I start sewing again and I am determined to do it. Well I need to loose sizes I am not going to get all obsessed over weight because I know the best way for me to slim down is to start building some muscle and add some cardio. I am not going get all crazy and try to loose 40 pounds in three months but I would like to be down a few sizes by spring. Making strict goals in this area is bad for me. It makes me feel like a failure when I am not on target and I usually give up completely . So I am saying that I need to measure myself when I get a chance work from those measurements with a goal of change (smaller numbers) every two weeks or so.

After the New Year I need to cut out junk food. I am not going on a diet I hate diets but I am going to look for healthy snacks and cut out things like potato chips and candy. I am not even going to say I will cut out all sweets. I do like to snack on lightly sweetened dry cereal when I am working and can't get up to eat a real meal. I am just going to have to plan a little better for my meals.

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