Monday, December 27, 2010

Answered Phones All Day

Today was 10 hours of answering phones a long and very busy day. I am usually busy during my day shift hours but today was very busy. Don't get me wrong I love the job but I am glad to be done for the evening.

My ear actually hurts from having the phone up to it for so long. I have also have to stay up late tonight so I can sleep in for my overnight shift tomorrow. That will be 12.5 hours most of the time I don't have a lot of calls to answer at night just the first few hours and the last hour. The day shift went faster so I think I like that a little better. It didn't feel like ten hours.

Like I said before I really like this job now if I could just balance the rest of my life around it. I have such unpredictable hours and it makes it hard to schedule things. I can say no to the day time hours so it isn't like I can't schedule important things. I think what is bothering me the most is I want to get back to working out and I am having trouble being motivated to do so after a long shift like today. On the other hand I don't want to turn down too much work we could use the money to save for a new home.

Well life is just that life at least I don't dread working anymore I just don't like to get up early to work. Okay to be honest I don't ever like to get up early. I will just have to practice some more self discipline. Well hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a Happy New Year.

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