Thursday, November 11, 2010

Filed For Unemployment

Well I never did end up quitting my job they asked me to come back and then closed the doors after about a month. I helped them pack and move and now I am done. I have had a few interviews and some side work on my days off. This is the first week I have had to catch up on all my errands and some house work. I am sending out resumes for anything that looks decent. I want something part time in my field or something that keeps me really busy, preferably active.

I could use some ideas on where to apply for jobs that would keep me physically active (Keep in mind I am a five foot woman so no moving furniture or lifting 100 lbs over my head) and that uses my Social Work degree. I really wish I could find a job that was both of those but I don't see it happening.

Well if anyone still reads this blog after my long absence I would like to say I am going to attempt to update the blog several times a week. I am going to talk about my progress in the job search or creating my own business if I must. I am have been working out a lot more and eating a lot less but I am only making headway on the pounds I gained back since last time I talked about my weight. I am going to talk more about healthy lifestyle and the struggles I am having maintaining one.

I am not sure what else I will be writing about in the near future but I have lots to say so I am sure I can think of something.

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