Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween is Almost Upon Us

Sadly I am a little depressed this year. I still can't fit into any of my costumes. I don't want to buy a new one since I have a bunch of them and it is just for one night of handing out candy. I am sure the kids don't care if I am in a costume or a bath robe as long as they get candy.

I was hoping to be down a few more sizes but it really is my fault that I am not. I have trouble saying no to sweets and pizza. I loose my motivation to work out to easily and I expect instant results.

I have kept away from the scale lately but I have been walking a good three miles or more almost everyday with the hubby and the dog. I have been trying to do some strength training too. I am so wimpy that I have to do it every other day and I can't do much yet. How one can walk miles a day but be sore for at least four days from 40 girl push ups is beyond me.

So my plans for Halloween are to just hand out candy in something warm and comfy. I can watch all the kids in there cute and creepy costumes. I can hope for next year to fit into one. Maybe if that happens I will throw a costume party!

Well off to work I go.

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