Sunday, September 5, 2010

Feeling Good This Morning

Every area of my life is starting to look great. I am sure some of that is simply because I have decided to change my attitude and change my life.

I have been complaining about a lot of things lately but now I am going to change them. I am going to take control of my life and not let others dictate how I feel. I have been doing that for a few weeks now and I feel great.

Am I happy that someone keeps getting in my Jeep and stealing the change out of the ashtray and God really only knows what else. No I am not happy but I am going to choose to remember we are looking for a new home and when we find the right one we will move. I do want to take a moment to ask what on earth would possess someone to keep getting in the jeep and leaving the door open when I left it the same as they left it. They took all but one penny?? Are they sleeping in it?? Do they like making people pay for batteries?? Just wondering why you would keep going back to look at the penny?

I don't like where I live any more but I do have a place to live which is more than a lot of people have. So I am going to be grateful that I have a home and just make sure I have a big dog as long as I live here. I am not going to let my feelings make me rush into buying a house that we don't really want either. So we are going to take our time and look closely at the homes and decide what we want to do not what we feel we need to do out of fear.

I have also decided that renewing my Social Work License is a great way to go. If I want a business of my own I need to keep my credentials even if I don't practice in a Social Work job. Sad thing is I thought I let them expire but when I went to check I have until the 22nd. I have signed up for some online continuing education credits and am waiting to hear back if my semester in college counts for anything. I am thinking one course should count the other two I might have trouble proving. So I have less than two week to get these credits in unless they will give me an extension. I can do this it will just take up a lot of my time. I am going to start tomorrow with an ethics course or two since that is the only practice area requirement. Then if my college classes count that is all I have to take to renew. If by some chance I don't meet the deadline all is not lost. I don't loose my license but there is like a waiting period before I can call myself a licensed Social Worker again because of late renewal.

So after a bunch of research and reading the last two weeks I am ready to just have a day off. I am going to go to a new church this morning and then to the grocery store and home to walk the dog if I have time before we go look at houses. This morning I am going to drink coffee and write blog posts and catch up with some bloggers. The late service isn't until 12:30 so I have a few hours to just relax.

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