Monday, August 23, 2010

My Anniversary, My Brithday

Well yesterday marked 13 years of marriage and today is my 33nd birthday. I told my hubby I didn't want to do anything because we need to save money. Well that is not entirely true I wanted Ice Cream so we picked up one of my favorite flavors at the grocery store when we went.

Yesterday I spent the morning relaxing and watching a movie. I watched Blindside and loved it. Then I went out to Ruth's farm to work. I spent five hours weeding and if the weather cooperates I am going to finish today. I have some errands to run first including having to go to the DMV and get my license renewed. The last time I went they had a state wide computer failure. I am sure if they have one again it will be my fault and I will get charged a late fee. 

So all I want for my birthday is more money for a down-payment on a house. I am not asking people for money so that just means we are going to continue living frugally and not splurge on things for birthdays or holidays. 
This morning I am going to finish my John Maxwell audio book on Making Today Matter and I am going to make a few more dollars working. I am not sure if I will get work on my other days off this week but it seems likely I will get one more day at least. If that work drops off I think I will just post on facebook and craigslist that I can do odd jobs except the two days I work at Daniels. I don't know where I might live soon so I would want to look for a second job with in a reasonable distance.

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