Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Want to be More Positive

I am listening to Make Today Count by John Maxwell. I think I need to learn to be more positive if I want to be successful and I have listened to a very short book by this man before. I was working at the second very temporary job this week and the attitude that makes it a great place to work no matter what tasks you are doing made me think of that book. I have it on cd somewhere but I found this one on the library website for download and it was quicker than looking through all my unmakred CD's

I have let life get me down so much (my fault not life's fault) that I can't see the good half the time. I need to start looking at the positive and not the negative. I need to change my attitude and learn to live each day fully. I try not to talk about all the negative things I think and I try to push the thoughts away but they are there because I am not doing anything about them. I need to develop a better attitude and I need to become more disciplined.
I have had this great revelation that if I don't learn to change myself then even if I get another job or another house I won't be happy or satisfied. The change has to start with me and I need to learn what makes me feel happy and go for it. Right now nothing makes me happy except a good nights sleep. I am the problem thought because I am not doing enough to change that. I give up to easily on everything these days because I have lost my passion. I need to find my passion again and until then learn to get up off my lazy ass and start doing things until if find what makes me feel good about myself. The first one is having a clean house which is something I really hate doing but I like the results and I feel good that it is done and much more able to relax. The second is to spend an allotted amount of time each day not half the day on my blogs and other writing projects including a journal I started. I need to have a daily journal time that includes finding what I really like to do.

I know that I love:
  • Working with animals especially dogs 
  • Blogging
  • Gardening when I don't plant it under a tree that kills the plants 
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Paper Work or any task like that if it keeps me busy
I am sure I can think of more things later on but those were the things off the top of my head. So I am off to work more on the cleaning my house aspect. I had to take a break from the bleach smell it was giving me a headache. I would love to hear your thoughts on what I could do to make a living doing things I love.

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  1. Yes, being positive is the only way we see a brighter tomorrow... don't forget that, I hope you continue down this path.

    You are what you say you are... project what you want then go and get it.

    Keep it up!