Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jobs and Houses

Well I thought I had a call today for a job interview but it was another scam. For some reason I thought to look them up and they had an F rating from the BBB in a  local news story about the scam they are running. Urg what is wrong with people who just want to take advantage of other people.

On that note they need me again tomorrow at the office I really enjoyed working at last week. I am really happy about that. My mom works there but I am so busy when I am there I don't get to talk to her much. We are going to lunch (somewhere I can eat cheap I insisted) and my sister is going to meet us there. So I get to spend time with family and get paid to work some where I enjoy. It sounds like it is going to be a great day tomorrow. I also have to cover for the other woman I work with a few days next month so if I don't have a job by then I will get another near full week of work. Every hour counts.

The house we were looking at is not looking as good anymore. I am not taking out loans to do the repairs that need to be done before we could move in. I don't do loans except for the mortgage. The water system is gone and there is no running water and the heater was at one time under some water so it will need replaced. It is propane so the heating costs will be high or the replacement cost will be higher. It has a big piece of land so we would need a riding lawnmower and a fence for the dog. We would need a water heater that is not included in the cost of the water system and we would need a refrigerator. I am sure there are other things plus moving expenses. Right now it is looking like we would need around $16000 in extra cash to make this house work. I am sure we could find cheaper stuff when we bid the jobs but I just don't see this happening unless they nearly give us the house. They won't even with it being bank owned. We can sit and watch the price drop for awhile if we must but I really doubt they will take what we can safely offer. It is frustrating but it just is not the home we thought it was when we first saw it. While it is awesome cosmetically it lacks basic functions.

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  1. Best of luck with the house... and hope you find the perfect job.